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I mixed up some vocal dubstep and new school dub to create this mix.  A lot of dubstep bores me, but I've heard some amazing mixes from DJ Zhao, Squincy Jones, and Shiva that have shown me that it leaves a lot of room for creativity.  So I tried to bring mine, with tracks from Caspa, L-Wiz, Dr. Israel, Leftfield, Kode 9, Dubblestandart, Modselektor and more… like Lil' Wayne and Peter Tosh. 

I've been working on this one for a while, going through hundreds of dubstep tracks to find the few I really liked and that work well together.  It came together this weekend, reflecting in part how I've been feeling… in the Valley of the Shadow of Dub.

Listen now: [audio: http://djcatnap.com/myoozick/Catnap-InTheValleyoftheShadowofDub_192.mp3]

Download here (right click and "save as")

59 minutes /// 81.4mb /// 192kbps .mp3

Tracklist after the jump… 01. Leftfield – Dub Gusset
02. Ghislain Poirier – Blazin (Modselektor Mix)
03. The Bug – Poison Dart
04. Toasty – Angel (Si Begg Remix)
05. Milanese – Double Face ft. Kate Kestrel
06. Kode 9 & The Space Ape – Kingstown
07. L-Wiz – The Girl From codeine City
08. Caspa – Cockney Violin
09. Pinch – Battered ft. Yolanda
10. D1 – Mind & Soul
11. Lil' Wayne – I Feel Like Dying
12. Peter Tosh – Legalize It (6Blocc Remix)
13. Dr. Isreal & 7 – Hasta La Victoria Siempre Dub
14. Hijak – Babylon Timewarp
15. Matty G – For The Smokers
16. Benga – Roller
17. Dubblestandart – Immigration Dub
18. Scuba – Dream
19. Pinch – Angels In The Rain ft. Indi Kaur

4 Responses to “Catnap – In the Valley of the Shadow of Dub”

  1. laurasauce says:

    just so you know, this was a BIG hit with my friends this weekend. bravo mister!

  2. infradead says:

    hmm great mix. as an added bonus it seems to put my 3 week old son to sleep within the first 3 minutes 😀

  3. The Snark says:

    Wow, this is a great mix. When it first started out, I was starting to wonder what was so different about this set, but a few tracks in, it didn’t take long to realize. I really like the atmosphere you create with this set. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Girl From Codeine City, as it’s one of my favorite dubstep tracks. I was wary of seeing Lil’ Wayne on the tracklist, but damn, you really pulled that off. I was glad to see that it truly felt like part of the mix rather than “I wanna throw Lil’ Wayne in here for shock-value”.

    Mixing/transitions were pretty decent, track selection was ace, overall mood = nailed.

  4. Jack says:

    Listening to this again tonight.

    Props for kicking things off with Leftfield, I remember buying Afro-Left when I was in high school which was one of the albums that really steered me into electronic music. I love mix into the second track too. This is one of the only dubstep-esque mixes that I really enjoy.

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