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Jo Routens 650B Restoration

In the fall of 2014, I acquired one of my “grail bikes,” a Jo Routens randonneur.   I wrote it about it here, after it arrived from France and I had ridden it around the city for a few months.  Then in the summer, I took the plunge on a full restoration, with the goal of […]

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Jo Routens 650B randonneuse

New grail bike acquired – a 1960’s Jo Routens randonneuse bicycle.  Jo Routens was the father of Jean-Paul Routens, who built a 1970’s “cyclosportif” bicycle I featured recently. I bought this bike from a French seller on eBay France, and these are the original auction photos.  I’ll have my own up in future articles, but […]

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1970’s Peugeot UO-8 Restored

A couple months ago, I found a Peugeot UO-8 frame by the side of the road in Brooklyn.  I lugged it home in the pouring rain, eager to strip off the MAFAC brakes and leather saddle, which have become hard to find.  After I cleaned up the frame in my workshop though, I realized that […]

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650B Sporting Randonneur Bicycle

Here’s a lovely French 650B randonneur bicycle from the late 1940’s – early 1950’s that I restored over the winter months.  It’s a rare marque, called “Sporting.”  I haven’t ever seen or heard of this brand before, but it’s very similar in design and components to French brands like Mercier, Motobecane, Automoto, St. Etienne, etc. […]

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C.N.C. Special Randonneur

  Cycles C.N.C. is a fairly obscure French brand that hand made exquisite custom bicycles for over fifty years, starting in the 1930’s.  This particular example is one of their finest,  with an all-Reynolds 531 frame and crisp lug work.  I restored it over the holiday season, taking my time to get all of the […]

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J.P. Routens Cyclosportif Bicycle

This lovely bicycle is a 58cm Routens “cyclosportif” with a Simplex Super LJ group set.  It’s one of the finest machines I’ve had the privilege of restoring, although it needed very little actual work to restore.  A “cyclosportif” is sort of like the French equivalent to “sport touring” where a bike may have fenders and […]

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Grail Bike – Zunow 650B randonneur

Every bicycle enthusiast has a certain bike that's their "holy grail" – that perfect combination of builder, vintage, design, and of course rarity that makes it both sought-after and difficult, if not nearly impossible, to find.  Recently, I finally found mine: a 1970's vintage Zunow randonneur. The Zunow brand, founded in 1965 by Japanese master […]

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