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  1. DJ Maastricht - Mexico says:

    Hello! Did you reviewed a Roland DJ-1000 mixer at this url? http://www.musicgearreview.com/reviews.php?man=Roland&cat=PA_Gear&mod=DJ-1000

    If you did, i found that review very helpful. It’s hard to find feedback from this unit, as it is kind of old. The thing is that I’m planning to get one at a great price from an online shop and I have some questions for you. Would you mind giving me some of your input on this mixer?


    Do you believe it can make it to battle mixer status if the factory crossfader is replaced (with an Innofader, X Fade, P&G) ?

    Do the EQs fully kill their sound?

    Even if it doesn’t have balanced ouput and other bells and wistles, would you use it for professional use (clubs, big gigs)?

    Thanks for any support and time!

    DJ Maastricht

  2. naptrax says:

    that review is a couple years old so I don’t remember about the EQ, but in general I would NOT recommend it. it was not well made and had issues that made it unsuitable for professional use. furthermore, any units still available for sale are now quite old and not supported by Roland. don’t buy it.

  3. Alex says:


    Just wanted to say your site is sweet, your tracks are bomb, and your sneaker game is on point. I saw my flickr picture off to the right. Im not sure how it got there but thank you for supporting(green with purple earthquake dunks).



  4. naptrax says:

    thank you Alex! the flickr widget in the sidebar pulls in photos that have been tagged “dunks” i think… I set it up three years ago so I don’t quite remember but I’ve always like the images it pulls in.


  5. Bryne says:

    I came across your site through my flickr trackbacks, I was wondering why my pics were on your site until i read the above. Thanks for the clicks. =o)

  6. Ovadiah says:

    wanted to shoot you a question and a referral in the music business if you get a chance can you send me an email and I can respond that way?
    ovadiah (Stern 05-08)

  7. naptrax says:

    hi Ovadiah, you can reach me at mechastudios *at* usa dot net.

  8. Wayne says:

    Great mixes kid!

  9. Kent says:

    About a year ago you posted on this thread http://prollyisnotprobably.com/2010/07/stunning-zunow-road-frame/ saying you had a Zunow bike that was too small for you. If you still have it can you email me please.

  10. naptrax says:

    Hi Kent, unfortunately I sold the smaller Zunow frame to a lovely lady from the NYC Fixed Gear forum. I wish I had kept her contact info, as I’m wondering how she built it up.

  11. Jordan says:

    So I saw that you built up a new Surly Traveller's Check. Does that mean that you are getting rid of the old Surly LHT. If you still have it available are you selling it? That Long Haul Trucker is a beautiful bike! Let me know if you still happen to have it. Feel free to email me back. 

  12. strawberry says:

    ##— Dont need to get published, you can send me an email :)) —-##
    Hi there, just wanted to ask you if you need your twitter account @catnap anymore? You did not tweet for like 4 years now and I would really appreciate if you could transfer the account to me 🙂 
    Just a question, I can understand if you want to keep it, tho. :-]

  13. naptrax says:

    Jordan – I sold the LHT last Spring, sorry!  I guess I should update that post to say that.

    Strawberry – sorry, my twitter handle is not for sale.  if it makes you feel better, i've been waiting over 10 years for the owner of catnap.com to sell the domain.  🙂

  14. Bevan James Binder says:

    I see you posted that you have and love your 1988 Cannondale SR500 Road Bike…it took your post to help me figure out what exact model my bike is and now I know it’s the exact same one! I’m looking to sell it to get a touring bicycle. Are you interested in picking up another one? Exact same color too : )

    Let me know!

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